What’s all the HYPE?

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Athletics can teach you some incredibly valuable lessons, and I can honestly say that my time as a catcher on the softball field shaped a good portion of who I became as an adult when it comes to leadership, communication, and teamwork.  

Being a great player entails a lot more than the runs you put in the books or the stats you hold. I can’t count the number of innings I spent behind the plate, staring out at the field. (My Dad says it was as many as 900 innings in one calendar year). Playing at an elite level in my early teens, I was blessed with some phenomenal coaches. I would spend endless hours at practice or attending hitting & catching lessons. In my eyes, the most impactful lessons from my softball experience came from my team of coaches always stressing the significance of character on the field. I was lucky enough to have a handful of training sessions with Becky Marx, U of M catcher for the 2005 NCAA Championship Team. Becky had countless awards under her belt, including Big 10 Outstanding Sportsmanship Award. She taught me that I was the only player who was looking OUT at the faces of my 8 teammates, every single pitch, and I was the only player with 8 teammates looking directly back at me. I was the only player that could watch every play unfold. I had a different perspective than anyone else on the ball field. I had the power to set the tone for my entire team.

These simple facts shaped my outlook on and off the ball field. Leadership, communication, and building up my team. Setting an example by remaining positive no matter the outcome of a play, inning, or game. Calling meetings at the mound when needed, building relationships with the umpires, displaying good Sportsmanship toward opponents, & hyping up my team 100% of the time. Constantly learning to view each new opportunity and setback from a variety of perspectives, so I could effectively reach each member of my team.

I grew to love hyping up my team and determining what avenue worked best for each individual in the process. That passion carried over into my professional life. Let me tell you, I did not perfect these qualities in my teens or even in my 20s. To this day I continue to develop, & adapt so I can continue to positively influence people around me both personally and professionally. 

I worked full-time for 10 years for various employers but I never felt fulfilled going to my day job and just performing my duties. I felt compelled to do more; cross-train in other departments, create new streamlined processes or tracking systems, and implement customer retention strategies. Oftentimes those efforts fell on deaf ears, and I received my fulfillment after hours helping friends with their small businesses.

In 2018, I made the decision to make my passion for hyping people up, my career. Combining my love for business services and the core values instilled in me at a young age, HYPE Business Solutions was born! Every single day I get to wake up and fill voids for multiple small businesses in administrative departments. I get to market people and products that I believe in. I get to build websites that stand as their resume for the general public highlighting their best qualities. I get to build meaningful relationships with my clients and offer solutions that get them closer to their goals. I pour my heart into the success of people around me.

“Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” – Confucius

I love the work I do, I love the relationships I build, and I take great pride in both.


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